9th Class Physics Full Book Notes PDF Download

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9th Class Physics Full Book Notes PDF Download

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9th Class Physics Full Book Notes

The branch of science that deals with the structure of matter and how the fundamental constituents of the universe interact is called Physics.

In Chapter 1 students will understand Physical Quantities, the International System of Units, Prefixes, Scientific, Notation, Measuring, Instruments, Mass Measuring Instruments, and, Significant Figures.

In Chapter 2 students will understand Rest and Motion, Types of Motion, Scalars and Vectors,
Terms Associated with Motion, Graphical Analysis of Motion, Equations of Motion and,
Motion of Freely Falling Bodies

In Chapter 3 students will understand Force, Inertia and Momentum, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Friction, and Uniform Circular Motion.

In Chapter 4 students will understand Like and Unlike Parallel Forces, Addition of Forces, Resolution of Forces, Torque or Moment of a Force, Principle of Moments, Centre of Mass, Couple, Equilibrium, and Stability and Position of Centre of Mass.

In Chapter 5 students will understand The Force of Gravitation, Mass of the Earth, Variations of g with Altitude, and Artificial Satellite.

In Chapter 6 students will understand Work, Energy, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Forms of Energy, Inter Conversion of Energy, Major Sources of Energy, Efficiency, and Power.

In Chapter 7 students will understand the Kinetic Molecular Model of Matter, Density, Pressure, Atmospheric Pressure, Pressure in Liquids, Archimedes Principle, Principle of Floatation, Elasticity, and Hook’s Law.

In Chapter 8 students will understand Temperature and Heat, Thermometer, Specific Heat Capacity, Change of State, Latent Heat of Fusion, Latent Heat of Vaporization, Evaporation, and Thermal Expansion.

In Chapter 9 students will understand the Transfer of Heat, Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Application, and Consequences of Radiation.

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