Chapter 5 physics class 9 Note Pdf Download (Gravitation)

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Note Summary

As usual, all of the exercise questions’ numerical answers are provided in this note. You will find the numerical solutions to be easily comprehensible and memorable.

Chapter 5 physics class 9
Chapter 5 physics class 9

Download the notes for chapter 5 of Physics class 9.
Physics, Chapter 5, Class 9. Take note
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Gravitation (Chapter 5 physics class 9)

After studying this chapter:

  • Students can describe Newton’s Law of Gravitation.
  • They can define weight.
  • They understand the concept of a gravitational field.
  • They know the mass of Earth.
  • They can solve problems using Newton’s Law of Gravitation.
Chapter 1 – Physical quantities and measurements
Chapter 2 – Kinematics
Chapter 3 – Dynamics
Chapter 4 – Turning Effect of Forces
Chapter 5 – Gravitation
Chapter 6 – Work and Energy
Chapter 7 – Properties of Matter
Chapter 8 – Thermal properties of matter
Chapter 9 – Transfer of heat

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