Ghusal ke Faraiz 3 Essentials: A Comprehensive Overview

Ghusal ke Faraiz

Every ghusal, ghusal-e-jinabat and other all ghusal can be performed on the same way. Remember that there are some things that are important while performing Ghusal. They are called bath fries. There are a total of 3 fries in the bath. Their names and details are listed below also in Urdu and you will learn ghusal karne ka tarika.

1. Rinsing: Kulli karna (کُلی)

You have to rinsing in such a way that the water reaches every part of the mouth. It is wrong to pour water into a mouth and throw it. You have to spread the water in every part of the mouth, Inside the molars, under the molars, behind the molars.

Water should be poured well on each side of the tongue also under the tongue, It is better that you take the water up to your throat in the end and also gargle. Before rinsing, if there is any food in your teeth, etc., then you should remove it before taking ghusal.

2. Pouring water into the nose : nak me pani dalna (ناک میں پانی ڈالنا)

You have to pour water well into both sides of your nose. Take the water from the beginning to the end of your nose and take care that not even a hair of the nose is left dry. If even one hair remains dry, your ghusal is wrong. So wash it well.

3. Pouring water all over the body : pury jism pr pani dalna (پورے بدن پر پانی ڈالنا)

After washing your nose and mouth, Now you have to thoroughly water your entire body from head to toe. It is better that you cut your fingernails and toenails, otherwise water will not reach there because of the dirt stuck there, which will spoil your ghusal.

Care must be taken that no part of your body remains dry, otherwise your ghusal will be last washe your body 3 times

Ghusal ke Faraiz

4. Hawala (حوالہ) : Ghusal ke Faraiz

Bukhari, Hadees: 248, 272

Muslim, Hadees: 316

In Urdu

غسل کا طریقہ

غسل میں احتیاط لازم کی بنا پر غسل کی نیت کے ساتھ پہلے پورا سرو گردن اور بعد میں بدن دھونا ضروری ہے اور بہتر یہ ہے کہ بدن کو پہلے دائیں طرف سے اور بعد میں بائیں طرف سے دھوئے۔ تینوں اعضاء میں سے ہر ایک کو غسل کی نیت سے پانی کے اندر حرکت دینے سے ترتیبی غسل کا صحیح ہونا اشکال سے خالی نہیں ہے اور احتیاط اس پر اکتفانہ کرنے میں ہے اور اگر وہ شخص جان بوجھ کر پورے بدن کو سرو گردن سے پہلے دھوئے تو احتیاط کی بنا پر اس کا غسل باطل ہے۔


Remember, Ghusal ke Faraiz is very important. The main purpose of Ghusal is that no part of your body remains impure, and it should be kept in mind that if any part of the body remains dry, then your ghusal is wrong. If you do not understand my method, then check the hadith in the above reference.

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