How to perform Tayammum تیمم کا طریقہ

Today we are going to tell you about the occasions in which tayammum is obligatory instead of Wazu or Ghusal, also we will teach you tayammum ka tarika, تیمم کا طریقہ

Commandments of Tayammum تیمم کے احکام

Things that justify Tayammum

Cases in which Tayammum is obligatory instead of wazu or ghusal:

  1. Not being able to get water or not having water or not being able to access water, e.g., water is available in a well, but man has no means of extracting water.
  2. Drinking water is harmful.
  3. If there is water, but the person is thirsty and there is a risk of death if he does not drink, Tayammum will be performed instead of wazu or ghusal.
  4. The water that is available should be spent on preparing the body or clothes so that he can pray, and he does not have any other water.
  5. The use of water or utensils is forbidden, for example, it is usurpation.
  6. The time of prayer should be so tight that if he performs wazu or ghusal, there is a fear that the whole prayer or a part of it will happen outside the time.

If ghusal is harmful or embarrassing for a person, or if he performs tayammum instead of ghusal, if he performs wazu or ghusal in such a case, it will be invalid.

A person who believes that wazu or ghusal will harm him, then there is no problem in praying after doing tayammum, and his prayer is valid, but if it is known before performing tayammum prayer that it is not harmful, then tayammum is invalid. And he should purify himself with water and perform the prayer, but after performing the prayer, if it is found that there was no damage, then the obligatory precaution is that he should perform wazu or ghusal and perform the prayer again.

Commandments of Tayammum,
تیمم کے احکام

Just being in labor or taking a ghusal in the middle of the night is not considered a ghazr shariah in the eyes of people, but it is obligatory on a person to take a ghusal as much as possible.

Unless there is anything harmful to him in doing the ghusal. However, if there is harm or everywhere, then Tayammum is obligatory on him in such a case.

If the time is tight, and you fear that some part of the full prayer will happen outside the time in the case of performing wazu, then it is obligatory to perform tayammum and perform the prayer within the time.

It is wrong to perform tayammum in lieu of ghusal for anything other than those for which purity is a condition.

Method of Tayammum تیمم کا طریقہ

Tayammum comes into being from a few things:

  1. intention
  2. Striking both palms on the object on which Tayammum is correct
  3. Rubbing the bare forehead and its side with both palms from the hairline to the top of the nose and eyebrows.
  4. Wiping the back of the right hand with the palm of the left hand and then the back of the left hand with the palm of the right hand.

Whether Tayammum is in lieu of wazu or in lieu of ghusal, the arrangement will remain the same.

If one does not wipe the forehead or some part of the hand, then the tayammum is invalid, even if it is a little, whether it is done intentionally or by ignorance, yes! There is not much difficulty in this, it is enough to say in alias what is the wiping of the forehead and the back of both hands.

It is wajib to wipe a little more than the back of the hand to ensure that the whole back of the hand is wiped, but it is not wajib to wipe between the fingers.

Method of Tayammum, تیمم کا طریقہ

The things on which Tayammum is correct

Tayammum is valid on everything that can be properly called “the cause of the earth” such as dust, clay, sand, pebbles, stones, limestone, nora stone, black stone, stone of calcus and the like, brick, calcus. And noorah is valid even after burning these things.

It is not correct to do Tayyum on minerals, which are not part of the earth, such as gold and silver, yes! It is true of those stones which are not known to people and which are called mineral stones like marble etc.

Marble then! There is no harm in performing tayammum on etc., although it is advisable to avoid it.

The things on which Tayammum is correct,

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