Dua E Maghfirat: magfirat ke liye dua

Dua E Maghfirat is a powerful prayer for forgiveness that Muslims often recite. It is a beautiful and moving prayer that asks Allah for forgiveness for all of our sins, both big and small. The prayer is also a reminder of Allah’s mercy and compassion, and it gives us hope that He will forgive us if we sincerely repent.

Subha Bakhair Ki Dua: Welcoming the Day with Blessings and Hope

The gentle light of dawn paints the sky, marking the beginning of a new day. For Muslims, this moment holds a special significance, as they awaken with the recitation of the Subha Bakhair Ki Dua, a prayer for blessings and guidance in the day ahead. This article delves into the meaning, benefits, and variations of this beautiful prayer, offering a deeper understanding of its significance in Muslim life.

Dua e sari ul ijaba دعائے سریع الاجابہ

Dua e sari ul ijaba دعائے سریع الاجابہ

Dua e Sari ul Ijaba دعائے سریع الاجابہ ۔ کفعمیؒ نے بلدالامین میں امام موسیٰ کاظم علیہ السلام سے یہ دعا نقل کی ہے اور سے عظیم الشان سریع الاجابت قرار دیا ہے۔ وہ دعا یہ ہے۔